c002: Cracking SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9

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This certification exam is for programmers who have already cleared Base SAS certification. More advance concepts like below are tested on this exam.

• Accessing data using SQL

• Macro processing

• Advanced programming techniques

These three categories are comprehensive and require more preparation time compared to the base programmer certificate. The advanced programmer certificate actually tests your skills in three programming languages, the DATA step language, SQL which is introduced here, and the SAS macro language. Advanced programming techniques include topics such as creating indexes and when they should be used, combining data vertically using the SET statement, the INFILE statement and the APPEND procedure, hash objects as lookup tables, creating formats with the PICTURE statement in the FORMAT procedure. It also introduces you to efficient programming, how SAS uses memory, disk space and CPU time. For a detailed list of requirements see SAS’s web site. 

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