c004: Cracking Clinical SAS Programmer Interview

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This module is packed with most frequently asked questions in Clinical SAS programmer Interview. This module will help you to bring everything to your cache memory, so that you can readily answer the question. The topics covered are

  • HR related Questions.
  • Technical SAS
  • SAS Procedures
  • Macros
  • SDTM
  • ADaM
  • Table Programming
  • Submission


How to use this Guide?

  • We have divided interview practice into different section. Initially use this along with you cheat sheet to practice for interview Questions.
  • After each question, click on the pause button, answer the question in your own way and using your own examples.
  • Examples given in the cheat sheet are only for reference purposes and they should not be used as is. Try to come up with your own examples.
  • As you practice more, we want you to be able to answer the questions without using cheat sheet.
  • Talk slow and use correct grammar.
  • You can also record your own interview using your computer recorder and play it back to you, so that you understand your mistakes.

Good luck