For Students

ElearnSAS.com provides SAS training in Base SAS, Advanced SAS ( Macros and SQL ) and SDTM and ADaM programming ( CDISC Compliance). Apart from this, ElearnSAS also acts as a platform for authors to publish their courses on various topics, which can be accessed by users for a fee.

Yes. ElearnSAS.com hosts practice quiz for Base SAS Certification, Advanced SAS Certification and Clinical SAS Certification with feedback for each correct and incorrect answer.

ElearnSAS is compatible with Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer and is not restricted to one particular browser. ElearnSAS is also compatible with Tablets.

Yes. ElearnSAS.com has a forum for SAS related discussion.

The duration of the training varies depending on the individual and their learning ability. It cannot be fixed for everyone.

For Authors

As an author, you provide us with the content of the course that you wish to publish. E-learnSAS converts it into an interactive learning material and provides you with the LMS to host the course.

The cost of the course published on ElearnSAS is decided by a mutual agreement between the author and ElearnSAS. When the course sells, there is a 70:30 split of the revenue generated. ( The author gets 70 % and ElearnSAS.com gets 30 %). The author gets paid every quarter of the year.

Yes, ElearnSAS provides a public forum for authors to discuss their SAS related thoughts.

E-learnSAS can help your static course content transformed into an e-learning course that is interactive, user-friendly and interesting by use of animation, sound effects, use of graphics, humor and quizzes. The courses can be accessed from any corner of the world.

E-learnSAS reserves the right to discontinue/ discount any course. E-learnSAS can also apply promo-codes, if deemed necessary.